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CEO-S architect Joel Trammell is a world-wide authority on how to effectively run organizations to drive growth and predictable performance. He has authored multiple books on effective leadership through the eyes of an executive with over 30 years of experience in private and public companies:

The Chief Executive Operating System

In The Chief Executive Operating System, veteran CEO Joel Trammell and executive coach Sherif Sakr present a systematic guide to being a truly great chief executive. You will learn strategies for handling the peculiarities, pitfalls, and pressures of the job, gain tools and frameworks for building organization-wide excellence, and understand how it all fits together into a comprehensive picture of the high-performing CEO.

The CEO Tightrope

No CEO can find a point of balance and then stand still—that’s not even possible on a tightrope. The expectation is that the business must always move forward. The job of balancing the often-competing interests of a company’s constituents is so challenging that the average lifespan of a newly minted CEO is around five years. Why is it that individuals who have been wildly successful at every other position in their career often fail when they get to the CEO chair?

The CEO Tightrope offers a systematic approach that will help you master the role and understand its distinct requirements.”

The Manager’s Playbook

As the saying goes, people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Drawing on decades of hands-on practice, The Manager’s Playbook explores what makes a great manager and why employees never want to leave them. Understand what exceptional managers do differently, complete with real-world stories from workshops, the latest research, and tools and exercises you can use with your team immediately.

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