Frequently Asked Questions

EOS was designed for people who run a business in which one person can make all the decisions and want it to stay that way. EOS was not designed to manage a high-growth organization with over 50 employees. We created CEO-S for those who are building high-value, legacy companies. EOS Implementers don’t have the experience of personally building companies from zero to nine-figure exits. The opportunity to learn directly from someone who has been there and done that is a unique feature of CEO-S.

CEO-S is designed for full-time CEOs of companies greater than 50 employees. The system applies equally to CEOs leading hundreds of employees as to those leading thousands of employees.

The investment required for CEO-S is currently on the low side of alternatives for companies at scale. Executive advisory services and large consulting companies often charge $500K-$1M+ for engagements that often burden companies with new strategies and resources to implement themselves. CEO-S is a fraction of the cost and provides a certified CEO-S Implementer to install and run the system for you.