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  • 30+ years as CEO of public and private companies

  • Founded, built, and sold two companies for 9-figure exits

  • Author, The CEO Tightrope and The Chief Executive Operating System

Joel Trammell is a veteran of the CEO role. He founded and built two companies to nine-figure exits. Joel has been in the CEO seat five times, including serving as CEO of a multinational public company. He is the owner of Texas CEO Magazine and Texas CEO Ranch, a retreat center and training facility outside Austin. His CEO platform is the only CEO-centric software on the market.

Through CEO-S, and through his books and speaking appearances, Joel is now on a mission to teach new and current CEOs what almost no one else is teaching: how to successfully perform the CEO job.

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  • Coach to CEOs of companies with $1 million to $1 billion in revenue 

  • Track record of business ownership

  • Author, The Chief Executive Operating System

Sherif comes from an international background, having grown up on three continents. His work experience includes chemical engineering, corporate sales, commercial real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and business ownership.

More recently he has coached CEOs of midsize and enterprise companies—ranging from $1 million to $1 billion in revenue—to help them achieve personal and professional success. As he guides CEOs through high-pressure situations, Sherif focuses on a mindful approach that incorporates personal growth and enjoyment of the journey.


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