The Chief Executive Operating System

Hardcover  |  224 pages

This book is your full guide to the Chief Executive Operating System (CEO-S), written by leaders who’ve been there.

If your organization feels chaotic and isn’t delivering the expected results, learn the framework that delivers real performance—predictably and systematically.

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For many leaders, becoming CEO is the ultimate career achievement. But once you get there, you haven’t summited Mount Everest—you’re only at base camp.

Now it’s up to you to learn the unique set of skills required to do the CEO job effectively. And make no mistake, they are very different from those you used in previous managerial roles.

In The Chief Executive Operating System, veteran CEO Joel Trammell and executive coach Sherif Sakr present a concise, systematic guide to being a truly great chief executive. Identifying and filling a wide gap around CEO-specific guidance in the management literature, the authors draw on decades of leadership and client work to deliver a practical CEO operating system that works. You will learn the importance of understanding people in order to work through them, how to master the five responsibilities a CEO cannot delegate, and how to implement an operating system that enables the whole organization to deliver predictable performance.

The CEO’s job is a big one, with far-reaching effects on lives, livelihoods, and the economy. But with the proven playbook contained in The Chief Executive Operating System, you don’t have to go it alone as you lead your organization toward a purposeful, profitable future.



“Joel and Sherif are experts in what it means to be a successful CEO. Their enthusiasm for the topic is contagious, and it’s backed not only by real-world stories but by a compelling framework that will change how you think about the chief executive role.”

GEORGE KARL, NBA Hall of Fame Coach

“In this book, Joel and Sherif give us the framework and skills for leadership success in a way that’s clearly understood. Their insights and guidance are backed by experience, making the book a valuable asset for managers at all levels and across all industries.”

TRICIA BENN, CEO, C-Suite Network

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