The CEO Tightrope

Hardcover  |  296 pages

In The CEO Tightrope, Joel Trammell — successful entrepreneur, CEO, and investor — explores the various points of balance that challenge every CEO. He identifies what it looks like when a CEO is off balance and offers modern techniques and approaches to regain balance, drawn from almost thirty years of study and experience.

You’ll learn about the 50+ daily struggles that might pull you off balance, such as how to build credibility while avoiding the cheerleader vs. Eeyore trap; how to identify the right growth opportunities while avoiding the budget blower vs. budget tyrant trap; and how to create strong alignment while avoiding the CIA vs. amateur trap.

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Praise for The CEO Tightrope

“Joel Trammell has managed to capture his own CEO success in a handbook full of insights and checklists, most of which ring true, while the rest are revelations.” —Bob Metcalfe, Ethernet inventor, 3Com founder, UT Austin Professor of Innovation

“Trammell highlights that being a CEO is a ‘difference in kind’ from other responsibilities. Well worth reading.” —John A. Allison, president and CEO, the Cato Institute; retired chairman and CEO, BB&T

“Trammell is the real deal, an entrepreneur and CEO who has seen it all. His book is lively, sensible, and rooted in experience.” —Philip Broughton, author of The Art of the Sale and Ahead of the Curve: Two Years at Harvard Business School


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